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I lost my voice. Laryngitis. I have spent the last two days whispering to people when I absolutely had to speak. Such was the case when I went out for Mexican food with some friends last night. The shop keeper asked me what I wanted. I motioned to my throat and whispered, “I lost my voice.” He looked at me with empathy and whispered back to me for the duration of our conversation. “Why is he whispering?” I thought to myself. He asked me what I wanted. I pointed to the picture of the fajitas. He asked me if I wanted chicken, pork or beef fajitas and then proceeded to out each animal. For ‘chicken’ he clucked his arms like he was doing the chicken dance. I wondered why my friends weren’t beside me to share the laugh. When he said ‘beef’, he pointed his fingers above his head indicating little cow horns. I couldn’t bare to see him attempt a pig and so I pointed to the chili con carne.

He hasn’t been the only whisperer. There are many many more of you out there. What is it that you are thinking? I lost my voice… you don’t have to lose yours.


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