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So my agent calls the house today… now whenever my agent calls the house there is a bit of a to-do around here. You see, before my agent was my agent, my agent was my wife’s agent. Yes, my wife Susie is in the biz too… She got signed with this agency 2 years ago and then referred them to me last Christmshockedas. All that to say, whenever our agent calls the house we both scramble for the phone. Admittedly, anytime I answer the phone and my agent asks for Susie, I sink a little. That may seem selfish… but when you’ve just had an audition that went really well and you see your agent’s number on your phone it is hard not to get excited.

So today something happened that has never happened before. Susie got to the phone first. I wanted to hear “Yeah, hold on, he’s right here.” But I didn’t hear that. I heard Susie say “Ok that’s great. Tomorrow. Perfect.” She sounded really excited. She comes running up the stairs with a huge grin on her face. “Anthony! You’re never going to believe it. We have an audition… together! As a couple! For a film!!!”

I am not a teenage girl yet I feel the only expression that fits here is… OMG!!! Auditioning for a film together?! That is amazing! I can’t believe it! Our agent sends us over the sides (that’s the excerpt of the script they want you to read) and we read it over together. We practiced tonight and it was so much fun!!! It’s a short scene but it’s really cute and it would be such a joy to act with Sue in a film. I know you aren’t supposed to get your hopes up but I REALLY HOPE WE GET IT!!!

I can’t believe it! (Part 2)

An update- Susie and I had our audition together today…

We arrived 5 minutes early. We wanted to be earlier but then: have-you-seen-my-black-shoes, do-we-have-water, does-this-colour-bring-out-my-eyes, what about my hair, where did the kids put my black shoes!?, oh-vitamins!, did you make oatmeal for the kids?, a phone call, OK-I-found-one-shoe, where’s the tweezers?, let’s-go-over-our-lines-again, just-wear-your-brown-shoes, how’s my hair…

And not all of that was Susie…

We arrive at the location and enter an empty waiting room. We sat down and went over our lines again. We had practiced the scene together dozens of times with measured pauses and choreographed glances… it was fun. We were excited. So you can imagine our surprise when the assistant casting director came out and said “Anthony, we’ll see you now.”

I am not a teenage boy but I feel the only expression that fits here is: Huh?

What?! Alone!? I staggered into the audition room. The assistant casting director read Susie’s part. I tried my best to emulate what we had practiced. She said “Thanks.” I said, “We practiced together… do you think we could-”
“Oh no.” she said, cutting me off, “You’ll shoot yourself in the foot.” I still don’t know what she meant by that. I walked out of the room and Susie walked in. She came out looking a little shaky. We walked outside recounting our individual experience and expressing our disappointment that they wouldn’t see us together.

In the car driving home (actually it was lunch at Lettieri first… an unexpected lunch out together- bonus!) we both said we would be thrilled if either one of us got it. And we both meant it. But nothing would thrill me more than to share the screen with the love of my life…

Here’s to being an optimist…


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