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Last night we had the best Family Movie Night ever! Until recently, our kids have been too rambunctious to sit down and watch a full movie. Our 2-year-old daughter Ariella asks us to put on Wally about 7 times a day. When we oblige, she will sit on the couch completely fascinated by Eva and the Captain for all of 4 minutes. Then she wanders into the kitchen and asks, “Whats that Daddy?” about a variety of objects that she knows the name of already. So Family Movie Night has never really worked.

But Susie came up with a brilliant plan. She set up my LCD projector on the wall and turned out all the lights. She had snacks ready and sippy cups on hand. And when it was dark and our kids were fascinated by the huge screen on the wall, we watched UP.

Well our kids were silent and focused on the screen for almost the whole time! And as they got antsy we broke out the snacks- it was great! Ella sat with Susie for most of the movie but halfway through she crawled over to me, plopped herself down on my lap and rested her head against my chest. What a beautiful moment. She must have felt quite peaceful because just as the final standoff was about to happen, Ariella peed on me.

If you haven’t seen UP, might I recommend you do so. If you have a family, make it a family night! Just ask your daughter to sit on the couch.


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So I went for a run today. It was the first time in a while and my legs knew it. The November air was cold and crisp and my lungs were on fire but I loved every minute of it. As I was just coming out of my subdivision I noticed the smashed pieces of a Pumpkin splattered across the sidewalk. ‘”Tis the season” I thought. When I was younger, I would have thought this kind of thing funny. But today I saw it differently.

That pumpkin was on someone’s front porch. Someone took the time to carve it by hand. What gave some hooligans the right to take that pumpkin off of someone’s porch and destroy it? It kind of irked me.

On my way back home I once again saw the brutalized pumpkin laying hopelessly exposed on the sidewalk. I thought about cleaning it up. Then I noticed a boy on his bicycle heading straight towards the largest of the pumpkin remains. I wondered if he didn’t see it- he could fall off his bike if he doesn’t- SPLAT! Bicycle met pumpkin and pumpkin took the worst of it. That’s when I realized- the kid did that on purpose. He was making a mess of the mess on the sidewalk. “What is wrong with these kids?” I asked myself. “Why do they have to make everything worse?”

The kid got off his bicycle. By this time I had stopped running and was doing some anaerobic stretching. I had been running for quite a while… maybe half a mile or so, and I needed to catch my breath. And now I was fascinated by this kid. I watched as he gently put his bicycle down and walked back over to the pumpkin. I wondered what he was up to… The boy began slowly picking up pieces of the pumpkin. “He’s going to smash it even more!” I thought to myself. As I shook my head at the idiocy of the younger generation I saw something that stopped me in my tracks. There was a garbage can not 6 feet away from the pumpkin. This boy was going to put the pieces in the garbage- he was cleaning up the mess!

I can’t begin to tell you how foolish I felt at that moment. Here I was, a 30-year old man, condemning this child and his whole generation, when it was he, and not I, who was taking the time to clean the mess he saw. I smiled. I was happy to be wrong in my judgment. I watched until he held most of the sloppy remains in his hands. Then he did a most peculiar thing- he lifted up the pumpkin pieces high above his head. I wondered what in the world he was- SPLAT!! The boy smashed the pumpkin on the ground and began jumping on the broken pieces with a look of sheer joy smeared over his flushed face.

Sometimes I just wish I was wrong…

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